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Autel MaxiCharger Wallbox Home Charger NZ AC W22-C5

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Autel MaxiCharger Wallbox AC W22-C5

The Autel MaxiCharger AC W22-C5 Wallbox is small, smart and easy to use.

 It is a versatile AC charger for homes, businesses and charging station operators.

Autel Charge APP is used to monitor charges, display battery status and manage multiple chargers, directly from your smartphone or computer. It offers remote start, stop, schedule charging, control a smart home charger, track vehicle battery health while charging, and send notifications when charging is complete.

Easy to install and maintain with the modular design (Finish installation within 8 minutes without opening the back panel)


Product Features

Multi-layer Protection Technology

  • Charger + Cloud BMS + vehicle real-time data analysis for multiple safety pre-warnings
  • Safe charging mode to prevent overcharging and maintained battery stability
  • Real-time monitoring of EV battery status to prevent thermal runaway

Intelligent Battery Diagnostic Technology, Longer Battery Life

  • Increased EV battery life up to 20% by our industry leading AI algorithm for battery test
  • Protection of EV battery via health charging mode

IP65 Protection, Fits for Extreme Weather

  • Anti-salt spray, anti-dust and anti-condensation. Failure rate lowered by 80%
  • Excellent design of the cooling system that makes the temperature at full load operation lower than the industry average by 10°C and the life of the whole set longer for over 8 years
  • Operating temperature range at -40°C to +55°C

Charging Management with Cloud System and APP

  • Remote management via Autel Charge
  • Remote update and diagnosis


wall box

Purpose of use

For charging electric vehicles with alternating current

area of application

Inside & Outside

Input/Output Voltage

 230 V ±15%, single phase

 400 V ±15%, three phase



charging power


charge mode

IEC 61851-1, mode 3

number of phases


User Interface Connection

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

User Authentication


Software Update

OCPP 1.6J, App, Web portal

protective mechanisms

Residual current circuit breaker AC 30mA, DC 6mA, protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, charging handle with safety lock

IP and IK Rating

Cable model: IP65; IK08

Socket/shutter model: IP54; IK08

Safety Standards

IEC/EN 61851-1, EN 62311, EN 62479, IEC/EN 62955


CE, TUV, TR 25:2016 (ICS 43.120)


A qualified electrician is required for installation, repair or maintenance! Local installation requirements need to be met.



Wall bracket, 2x screw (M6 x 50), screw (M5 x 12), 2x dowel (8mm), 2x RFID card, 2x cable sealing ring (M16 / M25), waterproof Ethernet cable gland, 2x screwdriver (T25 / T10)


Width: 186mm x Height: 336mm x Depth: 85mm



Autel MaxiCharger Wallbox Home Charger NZ AC W22-C5 AUTEL MAXICHARGER
Autel MaxiCharger Wallbox Home Charger NZ AC W22-C5